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The company strives in building a communication solution that works for the needs of business is required to create a loyal customer base and build strong reputation. Hotel communication supply will enhance the experience of the consumers. For the guest centric hotels there is a need to have communication channel that can facilitate automation of regular hotel operations. The hotel management needs that the employees can respond to the guests’ requests from any where in the hotel.  

Wanaport provides all-in one and integrated managed services in telecom industry that helps the hoteliers to meet the industry wide communication challenges and help the guests with better experience. Wanaport assures that with the services it is possible to include telecom services in hotels of all sizes  and there is an option that the solutions are scalable to meet the current needs and also prepare for the future communication needs of all hotels irrespective of their size. Inclusion of telecom services will present cutting edge technology to the hotel and improve the staff productivity with hospitality feature and enhance guest experience. It is evident that if the guests leave the hotel with a smile only then the sales will boost up.   

California manufacturing technology consulting makes the complete process of inclusion of telecom software services in a hotel with positive attitude making the most of telecom services and increasing the star rating of the hotel while providing the hotel a competitive edge over the consumers. 

The dynamics of hospitality industry is changing rapidly and are evolving, thus with the technology the hotels are able to change the way in which they deliver the services. Due to the involvement of technology it has lead in the involvement of technology consultant. Today technology consultants and IT professionals play a strategic role in the incorporation of strategy in hotel business. It has become quite a necessity that all the hotels now have robust infrastructure for the compliance of technology, follow best practices as per hospitality industry and adapt innovative methodology to align technology in hotel to achieve professional goals of hotel.


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What do customers and guests want. It is quite simple really. Customers want easy, reliable everywhere connectivity that will run virtually any application, without any dropped connections. They also want an on-boarding process that is simple and intuitive, ​
Without the need to call the front desk when they have issues. Hotel staff wants a robust, high-reliability, high performance Wi-Fi solution that eliminates customer complaints and are easy to use and manage. That is exactly what Wanaport delivers to our customers. With a Wanaport solution
As negative media posts grow, you are seeing occupancy rates dropping. The proliferation of mobile devices is creating big headaches for property managers, especially those who didn’t see what was coming.
Wanaport just not provides you the system of surveillance but reviews all the needs that the client has and customizes the services as per the requirement. 
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Wanaport not only consults the clients about their requirements but it also closely monitors the security needs and thereby suggest the security products. 
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Record live videos from remote locations Try to stop or limit workplace violence and false accident claims.
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