Wired/Wireless Guest Internet Service

Wanaport is based in Southern California, but our customer base is nationwide. With our 24X7 technical support and proactive network monitoring, we are able to design, implement and manage networks of all types in any state. Today, hotels need to support the bandwidth requirements of multiple devices per room and the ever increasing demand for more bandwidth across all of them. A top performing internet experience is now one of the most important measures in guest satisfaction and survey scores. With our decades of experience and roots in providing guest internet for luxury hotels, we’ve continued to deliver cost competitive solutions while remaining a top tier quality provider.


Hybrid Internet

Is your hotel interested in offering basic free Wi-Fi to your guests, but would still like to generate  additional internet revenue? Hybrid Internet Solutions from Wanaport is the answer! Your competitors are already offering this and realizing the ROI of implementing a new Hybrid Internet Solution from Wanaport. Provide Internet at a basic bandwidth level for all guests, while offering them an option to purchase premium bandwidth (and static IP addresses if needed for business). You can also require all non-guests to purchase Internet at either the basic or premium level or add zoning so you can limit your free plans to the guest room and lobby, while continuing to charge for Internet in your convention and meeting space. 


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Our Solution Features

As a hotel technology consultant, Wanaport can help you optimize your guest experience in a number of different ways. Beyond our high touch guest support consistently managed across all your properties, we can also integrate and help manage the back end systems that support your in-house staff and other third party providers.

Wanaport architects will stay by your side and help you in the development of the project through the pre-staging, staging, pre-opening, and post-launch stages. Our consultants will take you through real time configuration and become a true partner throughout the process.

We understand that hotels and other facilities need reliable meeting room IT Wireless infrastructure. Need special bandwidth for a special group or convention? No problem. Need great Wi-Fi coverage for multiple wireless devices? No problem. Wanaport design all of our Meeting Rooms and Executive Conference rooms with these needs in mind. Our site surveys and network designs ensure that your property will build a consistent track record of productive, successful meetings that will earn your hotel positive reviews and feedback. 

state of the art Internet Traffic Shaping technology to limit unauthorized downloads of music, videos or adult content through Peer to Peer websites. Online gaming consoles can also degrade network performance. Allocate your property’s precious bandwidth to hotel guests needing to download large business files and documents.

Wireless hotel phone systems help enhance the guest experience and will lower your operational costs by using the latest VOIP telecommunication’s technology and software. Opting for an integrated wireless phone system will enable enhanced mobility and connectivity and a significantly improved guest experience versus traditional phone service.  

Wireless hotel phone system- wireless phone system helps in enhancing the consumer experience and lower operational costs. The long awaited lower costs telecommunication solutions use the latest technology VoIP and proven software to help meet its customers and management need. 

Need for wireless hotel phone system arose because the old phone system was not working well. The enquiries were not being dealt in an efficient way and to improve the communication of the staff with the guests improves. The continuous engage or busy tone would irritate the consumers and thus result in negative feedback. Thus it is the time to change and upgrade to a better telecom system. Opting for wireless system will enable enhanced mobility and connectivity, which will thus enhance consumer experience.  

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