Bandwidth Load Balancing

Wanaport can help optimized your network bandwidth by load balancing incoming ISP circuits. This is extremely important when large groups or internet power users use your network. The function of Bandwidth Load Balancing is to spread out HSIA bandwidth for your guests in guest rooms and meeting rooms.

Wanaport can help your property manage bandwidth during peak hours of the day or busy times of the month. This ensures guest internet use satisfaction for all types of users. 


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What do customers and guests want. It is quite simple really. Customers want easy, reliable everywhere connectivity that will run virtually any application, without any dropped connections. They also want an on-boarding process that is simple and intuitive, ​
Without the need to call the front desk when they have issues. Hotel staff wants a robust, high-reliability, high performance Wi-Fi solution that eliminates customer complaints and are easy to use and manage. That is exactly what Wanaport delivers to our customers.
As negative media posts grow, you are seeing occupancy rates dropping. The proliferation of mobile devices is creating big headaches for property managers, especially those who didn’t see what was coming.
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