24x7 Guest Support

Key Benefits

Over 80% of calls are answered within 60 seconds.

94% of Guest Help Desk calls are resolved by our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Agents

89%  first call resolution with an average talk time of 7 minutes.

Trouble Ticket is created for every call with status and updates.

Notifications for network devices status changes.

ISP line monitoring and trouble ticket creation with notification when line is down.

A device down means more calls to our technicians, so we are on top of it.

Wireless security cameras

Outdoor surveillance cameras

Cloud service providers

Wanaport just not provides you the system of surveillance but reviews all the needs that the client has and customizes the services as per the requirement. 
Customized Solutions
Wanaport not only consults the clients about their requirements but it also closely monitors the security needs and thereby suggest the security products. 
Scheduled Alerts
Record live videos from remote locations Try to stop or limit workplace violence and false accident claims.
Incidents Response
Detect cases of fraud and theft Automated email or file transferring as an automatic response to dry-contact alarms.
24/7 Detectors
The IP experts from the company remotely assess your location by means of photos, blueprints, and satellite images of the site this proves to be time saving and money saving.
Live Chat
Configuring of surveillance cameras, NVR, and video management software can be done to help in strict monitoring.
Full Managed
Wanaport has wireless IP video experts to design wireless network system that is designed as per the surveillance needs of the clients and the concerned location.
Support Multi-location
Wanaport not only helps with the system but also helps in getting trained to understand and use the surveillance system. The experts help the clients to understand system and use it with accuracy.
Employees Full Training
Importantly Wanaport can help you with a demo of the working of the surveillance camera to help you understand its importance and functioning.
Fully Integration
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