Student Housing WiFi

Wanaport  has worked with university dorms, student housing and facilities of all sizes and understands the important role technology plays in campus life. 

The student housing industry’s increased use of electronic and personal wireless devices and personal mobile technology has turned small apartments and dorm networks into an important part of a student’s living situation. To take full advantage of student housing IT, students and faculty must maintain constant wireless connectivity or be connected to wired network traffic. Students are the most intensive users of new consumer technology on the planet. They adopt new devices with a passion and drive previously unseen levels of device density. Wanaport can help with these types of demands whether it be a wireless or wired network, data backups or help desk services.

Student Rooms

Students can personalize their Wi-Fi experience with Personal Area Networks.

Student Experience

Connect to a private network throughout the property.

Stream & Cast

Stream and cast content to other devices already in the room.

Media Streaming Devices

Fully support students' media streaming devices such as Apple TV, Hulu, FireStick, Sonos, video gaming consoles, etc.

Devices are Invisible to Other Users

Students have secure access to all of their devices anywhere, and their devices can interact all within their own Personal Area Network.

Our solution delivers the highest quality student Wi-Fi at a lower cost than traditional solutions. The Wanaport solution with shared network equipment requires less hardware than traditional room-based solutions. Please contact us for a cost comparison.
Students log in to the network and are automatically connected to their own network to access all of their devices including computers, printers and streaming devices. Each PAN (Personal Area Network) is available throughout the property, so residents can reach their devices from the pool, common areas, or other student rooms.
Simplify student onboarding with an automated process that integrates seamlessly with leading property management systems (PMS). Nontechnical property personnel can create and manage resident Wi-Fi accounts, including password resets, move-in/move-out, and more.
Give students the superior Wi-Fi experience they demand with secure and effortless connections. Students should authenticate a device only a single time and from then on be auto-connected with secure, encrypted access anywhere on the property.
Simplify the interaction between tenants, properties, and network providers with an account management system on a single pane of glass. Strategic management of the high-performance Internet that students demand is critically important for tenant loyalty.
Strategic management of high-performance internet is critically important for student loyalty and you can simplify the interaction between students, properties, and network providers with a centralized account management system. Deliver a consistent and seamless tenant Wi-Fi experience across multiple properties and units with usage and revenue tracking, bandwidth allocation reports, and more. Analyze rich Wi-Fi data from a single unit or aggregate property data from a single web based dashboard.
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