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Whether interoperating with your hospitality, student housing or senior housing PMS, or simply delivering fast, reliable connectivity to your luxury MDU or restaurant, owners, developers and property managers rely on Wanaport for rock-solid solutions.  We keep guests and residents focused on all the wonderful attributes of their properties, not on guest connectivity issues. Wi-Fi stopped being a nice hospitality amenity about 5 or 6 years ago. Today, you get one shot to show your residents and guests that you understand their needs. If they find your Wi-Fi lacking, they won’t return to your property again, and possibly, no similar property in your franchise. The proliferation of personal devices (on average 2.9 devices per guest and growing) has created big challenges for hoteliers and property owners. The low cost system you put in 4-5 years ago is likely no longer cutting it and guests are probably complaining.

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Wanaport not only consults with clients about their current requirements, but it also closely monitors and reviews their system, guest features and security needs so their solution can be customized as needed.
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Record live videos from remote locations to help control workplace violence and/or false accident claims.
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