We understand the important role technology plays in Healthcare. 

Wanaport has worked with medical clinics and facilities of all sizes and understands the important role technology plays in Healthcare. 

The health care industry’s increased use of electronic medical records (EMRs), wireless medical devices and personal mobile technology has turned hospital networks into important parts of patient treatment. To take full advantage of Healthcare IT, professionals must maintain constant wireless connectivity or be connected to wired network traffic. The role of the network has expanded as more and more healthcare facilities rely less on desktops and more on EMR’s located in the network’s data center. Today, healthcare networks carry EMRs as well as extensive amounts of stored clinical data. Wi-Fi allows wireless medical devices to automatically transfer readings to a patient’s chart and permits doctors to view lab results on their iPad. Wired networks also play a role in health IT and handle large radiology image files and ensure backup connectivity between hospitals and data centers.

Wanaport can help with these types of demands placed on healthcare IT whether it be a wireless or wired network, data backups or help desk services for healthcare workers.

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What do patients and health facilities want? It is quite simple really. Patients want easy, reliable everywhere connectivity that will run virtually any application, without any dropped connections. They also want an on-boarding process that is simple, intuitive and without the need to call support if they have issues. Facility staff want a robust, high-reliability, high performance Wi-Fi solution that eliminates customer complaints and is easy to use and manage. That is exactly what Wanaport delivers.
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