Industries & Clients

Senior Housing

Providing products and services

Wanaport IT Solutions recognizes that the Assisted Living is a rapidly growing industry where facilities offer seniors who need some assistance in their daily lives but also want to maintain their independence.


Providing products and services

A carrier grade infrastructure and easy interoperability with their PMS, Reduced support demands, Optimized Internet Bandwidth Utilization, Metrics and reporting, Outsourced 24/7 guest support, Dual Pane of Glass Wireless and Wired Network Management.


Multi-dwelling units

Based on the needs and internet use of today’s renters, a reliable, high speed Internet access is extremely important to renters and condo owners which in turn, makes it a high-priority for both renter prospects and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) owners and residential property managers.

Restaurants & Wholesale

Our wifi will cover all your property, Wifi is become standards for restaurants and guests, providing high quality communications to attract guests and keep them updated with latest offers and coupons


Wanaport can help with these types of demands placed on Healthcare IT whether it be a wireless or wired network, data backups or help-desk services for healthcare workers.