Our goal is to provide your property or company the best performing scalable network possible. We follow that with the best guest technical support available as well as post sales support that is unmatched in the industry. We design solutions with the best possible technology vendors and together, we deliver rock solid, blazing fast networks.

Our Values

We have a vision to provide our clients the best modern information technology that assures maximum success and revenue opportunities while enhancing the customer experience. Using innovative communication and entertainment equipment, services, and support that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Dedication, integrity, partnership, excellence, responsiveness, to always strive to exceed customer expectations.

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24×7 Technical Support

24×7 technical support takes care of any issues your guests may have by our US based, highly competent and courteous support team.

Wanaport Guest WiFi Provider & MSP

Wanaport strategically plans and executes breakthrough solutions for variety of industries, Hospitality, Transportation, Educations, Senior Living and assisted living, Casinos with the involvement of technology. Our motto is to provide innovative solutions to deliver world-class hospitality tech solutions for complex problems for the security of the clients. In this entire endeavor Wanaport assures complete security for its clients.

Hospitality - 10 years
Managed Services provider - 12 years
Azure Services - 6 years
Wifi Solutions - 12 years
Multi-dwelling Units - 7 years

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The Inception of Wanaport

Local, small, and medium businesses suffer due to a lack of resources to maintain their technology infrastructure and networks. In the absence of proper dedicated Information technology  resources. Managed Network Services was the solution to this problem, and this became the company’s initial service offerings. Pushing the boundaries of communication to create an advanced network was the motive of the company. For a monthly fee, the company would remotely monitor the health and issues in its customer networks, and through best practices, correct potential vulnerabilities that could damage a company’s computers or network before it could stain a company’s bottom line. Solving the challenges and driving the innovation that could meet the needs of businesses.

The second realization was the importance of Wi-Fi services. It became from a nice to have, to a non-essential amenity, to become an absolute requirement for the “everywhere connectivity” that hotel guests demand today. Instead, it will not be an exaggeration to comment that Wi-Fi services have become an integrated part of guest hospitality. Everywhere connectivity became the secondary motto of Wanaport.  Focus on designing, implementing, and managing guest networks for hospitality properties and the pursuit of knowledge to be able to identify best-in-class components required for the design of highly robust, reliable, performance Wi-Fi network designs. Wi-Fi offering made Wanaport t establish itself as a reliable provider of network services. It gained the trust and confidence of some of the best well known global hospitality brands. Its hospitality offering soon expanded to

Wanaport offers the quality of the support that provides the solution for hospitality. Concerned about the customer’s success with that solution. Understanding the issues of customers is done em-pathetically. The issues of customers are prioritized and solved in the shortest span of time. We are thrilled by the consistent kudos we receive from customers for our dedication and responsiveness.

Designs student housing, senior housing, and luxury multi-dwelling units (MDUs). Forward to present day, Wanaport offers its customers a plethora of products and services, which includes cloud-based, CCTV camera solutions, Fiber access, IP phone systems, and IoT access and energy management solutions. Wanaport still continues to expand its products and services offerings thoughtfully.

Few of our services are as follows

Hospitality Wi-Fi

more and more of travellers are now focusing on the importance of Wi-Fi, and thus hotels need to have a bandwidth that is robust and secure. With Wanaport helps the hotels get seamless Wi-Fi experience, and the guests have a pleasant stay.

Security – Cloud-based CCTV

Network of servers are connected together from centralized location and store the data that can be accessed remotely and shared with anyone. This service enhances the safety of the guests and helps in case of any event of stress.

IoT based access management

Identity and Access management is expanding, and focusing on identifying people and managing access to different types of data makes the guests feel a little more special and safe thereby earning extra loyalty points from them.

Wireless and wired networking management-

Any hotel needs to use the combination of wired and wireless network as the two have both pros and cons. However, when the two are employed together they need to be managed, and here Wanaport provides the base where the services can be used optimally without conflicting.

Fiber access

consistent and complete coverage, which is from wireless services, helps in increasing productivity and efficiency. Unlimited data is the strong point here, reducing the cost and absorbing unlimited requirements.

IP Phone Systems

Here the company strives in providing quality telephone service from provider’s network to hotel’s office network and thereby helping in making domestic and domestic long distance calls for free. It is quite a necessity these days.

Managed Services Provider

Our services assured that systems never crash or there is any data leak . A variety of services like cloud computing, backup solutions and disaster recovery solutions, data coverage,cloud migration,azure cloud, amazon web services , cyber security.

Hospitality Entertainment and Guest Services solutions

Importance of feedback from the guests and addressing it is of immense importance for the hospitality industry and these services can actually help in the progress of the hotel. Thus very soon we will be launching this service.